Camera Obscura

 Deep Mu Flux +22000
 The Mystic River Sound1999
 Universal Mind Decoder1997
AlchemystsOver and Out1997Bandpage
Bardo PondTigris and Euphrates2002Bandpage
Black Sun EnsembleStarlight2003Bandpage
 Black Sun Ensemble2001
 Hymn of the Master2001
 Sky Pilot1999
DipsomaniacsPraying Winter2003Bandpage
 Stethoscopic Notion2001
 Burn Brightly2000
DunlavyThe Navigator closes his Eyes2002Bandpage
 The Alison Effect2001
Gentle TasadayIn the mind´s eye of a blind Tasaday1999Bandpage
Goblin MarketGhostland2001Bandpage
Green PajamasNorthern Gothic2002Bandpage
 Narcotic Kisses2000
 All clues lead to meagan's bed1998
 Strung behind the Sun1997
 Strung Out1997
Holm, OyvindThe Vanishing Act2005Bandpage
Kelly, JeffMelancholy Sun 4xCD Box1999Bandpage
Lazily SpunLazily Spun2003Bandpage
LifesmythMusic for the third ear2002Bandpage
Lucky BishopsUnexpect the Expected2006Bandpage
PetalsButterfly Mountain2003Bandpage
Phineas GageReconsidered2000Bandpage
Porter, PatrickLisha kill2005Bandpage
 Reverb saved my life2002
Primordial UndermindBeings of Game P-U2001Bandpage
 Universe I´ve got1999
 You and me and the continuum1997
SalamanderBent Hemlock2005Bandpage
 Birds of Appetite2001
 From the Vault2000
 Red Mantra1998
 Red Ampersand1997
Sand PebblesEastern Terrace2002Bandpage
 Noah´s Ark2001
Stone BreathThe Silver Skein Unwound2004Bandpage
 A silver Threat to weave the seasons1998
 Songs of moonlight and rain1997
Subarachnoid SpaceTigris and Euphrates2002Bandpage
Turner, JoeBetween Two Seconds2004Bandpage
Various ArtistsSerotonin Ronin II2000Bandpage
Vortex Navigation CompanyThings make Patterns as they fall1998Bandpage



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