Stono records

Cosmic GardenersStars and Tears in Melange2002Bandpage
 Prayers + Protest Songs1999
 Brainpool of Tongues1999
 Big Kisses1997
 Fortune Bells and Magic Candles1996
 Calling Joy-sele1993
 Concerning internal signets1991
Fim FroilFim Froil1998Bandpage
Riff and the Mad Hatter's Garden Band Machine~L~2008Bandpage
 Jam Sessions Vol. 12004
 Dream Minatures2000
 Songs for the Dog1999
 Cellular Fishes in an Ocean of Time1995
TwistRight Now2003Bandpage
 Beyond the Tides2001
 Searching The White Star2000
 Repp + Bela Ha1999



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